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  • Start the Conversation: Abuse

    In issue 10, we talk about Maya’s experience with abuse. We felt it was important to dedicate a page to understanding abuse and how to get help. To share more resources on this sensitive topic with parents and caretakers, we’ve consulted a professional to share tips on how to appropriately open the dialogue on consent and boundaries.
  • Issue 10: Maya Angelou

    Who was Maya Angelou? Learn more about Maya and why we’re featuring her in our next issue!

  • Free Maya Angelou Coloring Page Download

    Downloading this free Maya Angelou coloring page and give it to someone who might need a little sunshine. This awesome coloring page comes from ou...
  • DIY: Texture Painting!

    Jump-start creativity with this hands-on art activity for kids.
  • FREE Printable Bravery Valentines!

    Empower your kid, friend, or anyone who needs a pick-me-up with a special Bravery valentine. Sign up for this exclusive digital download!
  • Meet the Founders

    Every month we’ll be highlighting different artists and creatives that contribute to Bravery. To kick it off, we’re doing a highlight featuring yours truly—co-founders, Elyse and Ashley! Read on for a look at what (and who!) makes Bravery tick. 
  • Make Your Own Snow!

    Bundle up for a cool experiment.
  • Start the Conversation: Talking to Your Kids about Race

    Civil rights, racial injustice, and the importance of diversity—these are all topics that may not come up naturally when we talk to our kids. So we’ve gathered go-to resources and ways to help you start the conversation! While our kids may not understand the complexity of these issues just yet, we can certainly start laying the groundwork for them today.
  • Books That Inspire Bravery: Civil Rights Books

    Check out our roundup of civil rights-themed books to help foster discussions about the civil rights movement, MLK, and other brave African Americans who took a stand.
  • Bravery Is A Resource: Teaching Traits

    Did you know that each issue of Bravery focuses not only on a brave woman but also on a trait that they embodied? Below is a summary of the personal traits highlighted in each issue and where you can find tips and tricks on fostering that trait in your child. 
  • Free New Year Download

    Get your little one excited about the new year with this free fill-in-the-blank goal sheet. They can predict how much they'll grow, pick a color f...
  • Books That Inspire Bravery: A Few of Our Favorites

    Books are a great gift, no matter for what, when, or for who. Check out the list of some of our very favorites reads for kids.