Bravery Wish List: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG things for kids

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

To celebrate our Ruth Bader Ginsburg issue, we’ve created the ultimate list of kid products inspired by RBG. Ruth fans of all ages will love everything on this list—from action figures and posters to costumes and face masks. Be sure to share this round-up with other RBG enthusiasts!

1. Felt Pennant 2. Peg Doll 3. Trailblazer Tee 4. Action Figure (Black-owned business), 5. Dissent Collar 6. Your Voice Your Vote Buttons 7. ABC’s of RGB Poster 8. Canvas Bag 9. Kid’s Supreme Court Justice RBG Robe Costume 10. R Is For Ruth Tee 11. Face Mask (Black-owned business) 12. Wooden Rubber Stamp 13. Enamel Pin 14. Supreme Chocolates 15. Doll 16. RBG Magazine 17. Vote Tee