Books That Inspire Bravery: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Edition

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Books for kids

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

The Ruth Bader Ginsburg issue introduces Ruth’s lasting legacy to the next generation. As a tribute to our favorite dissenter, we’ve rounded up more titles that celebrate change-making. From picture books to dedicated compilations, we’ve got a good read for every reading level out there.

  1. I Dissent by Debbie Levy. Young dissenters will love the first illustrated picture book all about Justice Ginsburg’s life.

  1. The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade by Justin Roberts. This book teaches a timeless lesson: Anyone can make a difference no matter your size.

  1. Vote for Our Future! by Margaret McNamara. The perfect read for election season! This book introduces kids to voting and why it’s so important in order to make our voices heard.

  1. Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx by Jonah Winter. A kids’ book all about the incredible Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Each page has both English and Spanish translations too!

  1. The Story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Susan B. Katz. More advanced readers (ages 6-8) will love this chapter book focused on how RBG overcame life’s challenges. It also includes a visual timeline of her feats.

  1. Herstory by Katherine Halligan. An extraordinary compilation of 50 women and girls who have changed the world! It’s a great bedtime read for any kid.

  1. Becoming RBG by Debbie Levy. This biographical graphic novel puts RBG’s story into a cool comic-book form. RBG is a superhero after all!

  1. One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul. Have you heard of Isatou Ceesay? She’s the real-life heroine who started a recycling movement in her homeland of Gambia. This book tells her story and isn’t one to miss!

  1. I Look Up To... Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Anna Membrino. This board book about RBG will inspire kids as young as two years old. 

  1. Say Something by Peter H. Reynolds. This empowering picture book shares how one single voice can make a big difference—the perfect read for budding kid activists.

11. It’s Your World by Chelsea Clinton. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton breaks down very important and impactful topics for kids everywhere to understand and take a stand!