Color Me Brave: Kid art inspired by Yusra Mardini

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

For issue 11, we asked our readers to submit their own artwork inspired by Yusra. We’re excited to feature some submissions in issue 11 and some right in this post. You can see more submissions in the Yusra Mardini issue

Kids art submissions
Giselle, age 6
Kids art submissions
 Olivia age 5
Bravery kids submissions
Sophie, age 8
Bravery art submissions
Chloé, age 9
Kids art submissions
Tyler, age 9
kids submissions
Nora, age 6
kid submissions
Violet, age 5
kids submissions
Indiyah, age 12
Bravery kid submissions
Isla, age 5
kids submissions
Afton, age 10

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