DIY Cascarones: Make Your Own Confetti Eggs

By Melanie Gasmen-Fleck Photos by Christal Bridge

Here’s an eggcellent idea: Create your own cascarones. A cascarón is a hollowed-out egg usually filled with confetti or a small toy. Cascarón means “eggshell” in Spanish. Cascarones remain a Mexican cultural staple and are usually prepared during Easter. Tradition has it that the cascarón will bring good luck to the person who gets it cracked over their head.




egg dye (Making it at home? Use water, vinegar, and food coloring instead)

confetti or small toys

colored tissue



Step 1

Take your egg and make a small crack at the bottom. Carefully widen the hole with a skewer, then dump the contents out. 

 Step 2

Once all your eggs are empty, color them! Carefully dye them with a method of your choosing—like an Easter egg. You can make your own homemade dye using water, vinegar, and food coloring.


Step 3

Once the colored eggs are dry, you’re ready to fill them. Take a spoonful of confetti and carefully pour it into the hole, filling the egg ¾ of the way full. Next, take a small square of colored tissue paper, add glue around the edge of the egg, and cover it with the tissue paper. Let the glue dry completely.