DIY Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume Collar

DIY RBG Collar

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

In this Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired DIY from issue 12, kids will create their very own collars, also known as jabots. This hands-on craft is a great way to celebrate an equal rights icon!

Gather these supplies:


Craft supplies (such as beads, buttons, lace, feathers, etc.)

White pencil or chalk



Hot glue* or white glue

*Ask an adult for help!

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Justice Ginsburg wears collars to show what she thinks about Court decisions. Brainstorm what types of collars you could make to represent your thoughts. Could you make a collar that shows you’re excited about something? How about one that shows you disagree with what you’re having for dinner? Sketch a few designs (approximately 6-7 inches wide) to get started. Cut out your favorite design to make a pattern.  

DIY Collar Ruth Badar Ginsburg

Step 2: Position your pattern on top of the felt. Using chalk or a white colored pencil, trace along the outside of your pattern. Then carefully cut out your collar. Before you begin decorating your collar, think about which of your opinions the collar will represent. What craft supplies will you need to use to express that opinion? Lay out your decorations on the piece of felt, then carefully glue on each piece. Lay the collar flat until the glue has dried.

Bravery DIY Jabot

Step 3: Once everything is set, cut two equal strips of ribbon. These two strips should be long enough to attach to your felt piece and tie behind your neck, like a short necklace. Glue one end of each ribbon onto opposite sides of the collar. Once the glue has dried, tie the loose ends of the ribbon in a bow behind your neck. The collar should sit right on your collarbone. Wear your judicial jabot whenever you want to show your opinion!

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