Gummy Bear Lab!

Bravery Gummy Bear Lab 1

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

All scientists are curious. They find creative ways to solve problems using the scientific method. This process helps them make an observation, ask a question, then create a hypothesis (or, a guess). Next, they perform tests and review their results. Want to think like a scientist? Practice the scientific method with this fun gummy bear experiment from our Mae Jemison Issue!

Before you get started write some observations about your gummy bears. What do you think will happen to your gummy bears when you put them in different liquids? Write down your hypothesis.


Gather these supplies:

small bowls or containers 

baking soda



other liquids such as milk, vinegar, soda etc. 

small bag of gummy bears

Follow these steps:

Step 1: In a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of salt into ⅓ cup of warm water until the salt dissolves. In another small bowl, mix one teaspoon of baking soda into ⅓ cup of water until it dissolves.

Bravery Gummy Bear Lab 2

Step 2: Fill the rest of your bowls with the other liquids you’ve chosen to use (⅓ cup each).  Sort through your gummy bears and pick ones that look to be about the same size. For each liquid, choose two gummy bears that are the same color. 

Bravery Gummy Bear Lab 3

Step 3: Place one gummy bear in each liquid and a matching colored gummy bear next to the corresponding bowl. This will help you be able to  watch the changes and compare each gummy bear in liquid to a normal gummy bear. Let your gummy bears sit in their liquids for 3-6 hours. Watch the changes and record your results afterward. 

Bravery Gummy Bear Lab 4
What did you learn from your experiment? Was your hypothesis right? Did some gummy bears get bigger? Smaller? Stay the same size? Record your results.


We wanna see your gummy bear experiments. Snap a pic and tag us @bravery_mag!