DIY: Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Frida DIY painted gift wrap

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck & photos by Amy Hashimoto

What’s better than getting presents? Getting presents wrapped in one-of-a-kind paper that’s decorated with your personal touch! This creative and effortless DIY from the Frida Kahlo issue makes each gift extra special. Kids, get ready to wrap yourselves in painting fun!

Gather these supplies: 

Paper roll (kraft paper or plain paper work best—check out your local craft store for a roll or grab this one)


Paint (acrylic or tempera paint work well)


8 different textured materials 

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Use as many different materials as you’d like to create your own paintbrushes. Try cotton balls, leaves, old shoelaces, muffin tin liners, or just anything with an interesting texture.

DIY gift wrap

Photo by Anna Killian

Step 2: Attach each material to a clothespin to make your paintbrush. Cut the material down if it’s too big for the clothespin to grip.

Step 3: Listen to cheery music while you paint away! Dip the end of each “brush” into your paint and test it on your paper.

Step 4: Brush on textures in different colors to make your wrapping paper totally unique!

holiday craft for kids

Step 5: Make sure your new wrapping paper’s 100% dry before you wrap your gifts. An hour or two of dry time should do the trick.

paint your own gift wrap

We want to see your crafty wrapping paper! Snap a pic and tag us @bravery_mag.