DIY: Apollo Theater Details & Paper Puppets

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck and photos by Anna Killian 

DIY puppet Ella Fitzgerald jazz band puppets

Did you know Ella Fitzgerald got her start at Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater? In the Ella Fitzgerald issue, we share a mini theater DIY, so your kid can put on an imagination-filled performance whenever they want. Get the Ella Fitzgerald issue to learn how to make it!

If you already have the issue: Alright, it’s almost showtime. Kids can put the finishing touches on their theater with seats, lights, and paper puppets of Ella and her band. When your theater’s ready to go, don’t forget to invite the whole family for the performance of a lifetime! 

Gather these supplies: 


White computer paper


Long craft sticks or skewers

Glue (tacky glue or regular glue)

Follow these steps: 

Step 1: Download the seats, lights, and paper puppets of Ella and her band.

Step 2: Print and cut them out.

DIY puppet cut out images

Step 3: Decoration time! Glue the lights to the front of the stage and the tabs of the seats to the floor in front of the stage.

Step 4: Let’s wrangle the band. Glue the puppets to the ends of the craft sticks or skewers.

DIY Ella Fitzgerald jazz puppets

Step 5: When everything has dried, lower puppets through the slit in the top of the stage and perform your favorite song!

Putting on a show? Share a pic and tag us @bravery_mag.