Olympic-Themed DIY: Go for the Gold

DIY Medal for kids olympics

Images by Anna Killian. 

Get into the Olympic spirit with an activity that’s perfect for your little Olympian. Prep your medal as you watch the Games, and don’t forget to wear it as you cheer on your favorite team!





white glue



ribbon or string

dry pasta 

dry cereal


Step 1 

Place a cup upside down on a piece of cardboard, then use a pencil to trace around the top of the cup, creating a circle shape on the cardboard. Trace as many circles as you’d like, then cut out each circle carefully with scissors. With a grown-up’s help, cut a small slit near the top of each circle (for ribbon to later be threaded through).  

Step 2 

It’s time to design your medals. Arrange pasta or cereal on your cardboard circles to plan out your award-worthy designs. What will you use to make the Olympic rings? Will you make letters or create geometric designs? Get creative! Once your designs are finalized, carefully glue each piece of pasta or cereal onto the circles and let the glue dry.

Step 3

When the glue has dried and the pasta is secure, paint your medals! Use metallic gold, silver, and bronze paint to cover your designs. You may need to use a few coats of paint! Once the paint is dry, cut a ribbon to your desired length, slip it through the slot at the top of one of your medals, and tie the ends together in a knot. Repeat this for each medal.