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How to Make Handwashing Fun for Kids

free hand washing poster

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

We hope everyone is taking extra care of themselves out there. One way to do that is by making sure you are washing your hands properly and frequently. Why do we need to do this? Germs can easily get on our hands if we touch a contaminated object that has germs—say, if someone coughed or sneezed on the object. By washing our hands correctly, we can get rid of harmful germs and avoid spreading them. This will help prevent other people from getting sick, too. 

If you didn’t know, washing your hands can be fun! We’ve rounded up a few simple and entertaining ways to help your kid understand the importance of handwashing. Watch out, germs—we’re coming for you!


We teamed up with amazing illustrator Libby Burns, who donated her talents to create this exclusive Handwashing 101 poster. Big thanks to Libby! 

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You and the kids will love this catchy song from one of our favorite podcasts for kids, Like You. Play it loud, sing together, and wash your hands for the duration of the song. We’re sure you’ll be singing, “Wash your hands good and long / Wash your hands while you sing this song” a capella in no time!


This easy but impactful science experiment teaches kids what soap does to germs. All you need is a bowl of water, black pepper, and dish soap. The demonstration will remind them why it’s so important to wash those hands!

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