Issue 15 Preview: LGBTQ+ Education

By Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

LGBTQ+ education


Bernice Bing was a Chinese American artist, activist, and lesbian. She used self-awareness to inspire brilliant masterpieces.

In issue 15, we introduce kids to aspects of the LGBTQ+ community to promote understanding and teach kids to embrace themselves and others, as Bernice did.

Curious to see what LGBTQ+ content is included in the issue? Here’s a rundown. 

  1. “Bernice’s Story”: Her incredible story features parts of her identity, including her sexual orientation.

Bernice Bing LGBTQ story  

  1. “Let’s Talk: What Does LGBTQ mean?”: We share a summary of different identities and how kids can help support those who are in the LGBTQ+ community. Click here to read the article the QR code on this page links to. This article has more resources for talking to your kids about what LGBTQ+ means. 

 What does LGBTQ mean?


  1. “Loud & Proud”: We break down what the Pride flag represents.


Pride Flag for Kids


  1. “Pride Parade”: A timeline of different LGBTQ+ milestones throughout American history. 


LGBTQ Education Bernice Bing

LGBTQ Education


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