Make Your Own Mini Book

There's nothing quite like seeing and hearing the imaginative things that come out of our kids' brains—especially when it involves a story! Keep those tall tales coming with this simple book tutorial. All you need is one single sheet of paper, a pair of scissors, and paper folding skills, and voila! You'll have a miniature eight-page book ready to be filled with stories written by your very own author-in-training. 

Find the tutorial here

We've also provided some silly prompts to get those creative juices flowing. Use our ideas below or encourage your kids to come up with their own.


Write a story about a time you were brave. 

Write a story about a bat that can't fly.

Write a story about a time you sailed on a pirate ship.

Write a story about someone who has a pet alligator.


Tag us on your social media with the hashtag #campbravery so we can see what you're up to this summer.