Make Your Own Snow!

diy snow

By Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

This winter, we’re all for staying cozy and warm inside. So we’re bringing the fun of snow right to you in this easy DIY experiment from our Junko Tabei issue.

Gather these supplies:

baking soda

white hair conditioner

measuring cups

large mixing bowl

small toys and tools

mixing spoon

Follow these steps:

make your own snow

1. Using measuring cups, pour 3 cups of baking soda and ½ cup of hair conditioner into a large mixing bowl. (If you want to make more snow, you can double or triple these measurements.)DIY snow
2. Mix the ingredients together with either a mixing spoon or with your hands. Keep mixing until you get a crumbly texture. Then try to squeeze some of the snow into a ball. Does it stick together? If not, add more hair conditioner until you get the right consistency. You should be able to make snowballs!homemade snow
3. Now it’s time to play! Use small toys, tools, and your hands to experiment with your homemade snow. Does it look and feel like real snow? Use your senses to investigate. What does it feel like? What does is it smell like? Can you build anything with it? If there is snow outside your house, you can even compare your homemade snow with the real snow outside!

    We wanna see your snowy masterpieces. Snap a pic and tag us @bravery_mag!

    Photography by Anna Killian for Bravery Magazine.

    indoor snow