Mary Anning Gift Guide: For the Someday Paleontologist


Issue nine of Bravery features Mary Anning, paleontologist and geology extraordinaire! It also happens to be the perfect activity book for that mini paleontologist in your life—you know, the one that is always digging in flower beds and stashing rocks in the house. Full of fun activity pages, illustrated stories, and more, your little one will be entertained and inspired to find even MORE rocks to add to their collection (and maybe get a little dirty, too).  We've put together a roundup of some of our favorite paleontology/geology-inspired activities for kids. Mary Anning would be proud!

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1. Fossil Hunter Doll | 2. Dino Eggs Kit | 3. Fossil Dig Kit | 4. Fossil Collection Kit | 5. Dinosaur Encyclopedia | 6. Dinosaur Pack | 7. Dinosaur Science Kit | 8. Pick Hammer | 9. Bravery Magazine | 10. Mary Anning Curiosity | 11. Geode Kit | 12. Fossils Handbook 13. Scratch Art Dino Cut Outs (not pictured)