Retro Microphone DIY

By Jennifer O'Gwin and Elyse Beard. Photos by Anna Killian 

Bring down the house with this cool retro mic DIY using common household items. Use it to dazzle the audience at your next talent show inspired by issue 14 featuring Ella Fitzgerald

Gather these supplies: 

3 kitchen sponges

1 wooden spoon

1 plastic cap (from a food pouch, bottle, or other container)

silver duct tape

black permanent marker

cardboard strip (1½ inches by 6 inches) 


hole punch  

hot glue gun (optional)

DIY microphone toy

Follow these steps: 

Step 1:

Wrap the handle of the wooden spoon in duct tape. With a grown-up’s help, cut each sponge into a rectangle with rounded corners, then stack them together.  Place the spoon in between the sponges, with one sponge in front of the spoon and two behind it. Carefully wrap the sponges in duct tape until the sponges are no longer visible and are secured to the spoon handle. 

Step 2. With a grown-up’s help, remove the center from the plastic cap. Cover the outside of the cap with duct tape, then slide the cap onto the spoon handle. Use more duct tape to secure the cap to the handle. 


Step 3. Wrap the cardboard strip in duct tape. Next, use a hole punch to make a hole in the center of the cardboard. If needed, use scissors to make the hole larger so that you can slide the cardboard onto the spoon handle. Secure the cardboard to the sides of the microphone with tape or ask a grown-up for help and use a hot glue gun. Draw the lines on your microphone with the black marker to finish it off. You’re ready for the stage!

DIY retro mic