Temple Grandin Gift Guide: For the Persistent Inventor

Issue four of Bravery features engineer and autism advocate Temple Grandin. This issue is all about persistence, making mistakes, and inventing! With fun DIYs, activity pages and illustrated stories, that little engineer in your life will love learning from Temple's story and be inspired to create, invent, and dream big. We've put together some fun STEM-centered activities and toys that pair perfectly with the Temple Grandin issue. The sky is the limit!

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1. Marble Roller Coaster | 2. Bravery Magazine | 3. Brain Box: Inventions | 4. Circuit Blox | 5. Suspend Family Game | 6. Inventors Studio | 7. Mechanics | 8. Makey Makey Invention Kit | 9. Rosie Revere Engineer | 10. The Way Things Work Now | 11. Inventors' Box | 12. Terrain Walkers