Junko Tabei Gift Guide: For Traveling and Adventure

Issue six of Bravery features Junko Tabei, the first woman to summit Mount Everest! It also happens to be the perfect activity book for those long travel days. Full of fun activity pages, illustrated stories, and more, your little one will be entertained and inspired to explore and adventure like Junko—even if they're stuck in the car for a while. We've put together some of our favorite travel activities for kids. Here's to a few quiet minutes!

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1. Mini Suitcase | 2. Doodlepro | 3. Transportation Activity Book | 4. Magnetic Pocket Blocks | 5. Magnetic Dress Up | 6. Mini Sling Pack 7. Bravery Magazine | 8. Stasher Pack | 9. National Parks Book | 10. Dress Up Notebook | 11. Travel Battleship | 12. Adventure Journal | 13. Kids Headphones | 14. Sticker Art Activity Book