Tin Can Walkie-talkies

 Tin Can Walkie-talkie

by Melanie Gasmen-Fleck

Make your own walkie-talkies with this fun and functional craft from our Bessie Coleman and Amelia Earhart issue. This nostalgic DIY lets kids chat from a distance using zero screens, networks, or data. How refreshing!

Gather these supplies:

2 empty tin cans (each 14.5 ounces) 


crayons or markers





Follow these steps:

Step 1: Empty and clean the tin cans, removing all labels. Then start decorating. Cut a piece of paper to fit around each can and color, paint, or design it any way you’d like. Get creative! 

walkie talkies from tin cans

Step 2: With a grown-up’s help, use the nail and hammer to put a small hole right in the bottom middle of each can. Next cut a string to the length you want. We recommend that your string be at least ten feet long. Thread the string through the hole, then tie a large knot at the end so it won’t slip through. Repeat this step for the other can.

make your own walkie talkies

Step 3: Attach your decorated paper to the cans using tape. Your walkie-talkies are ready! Now test them with a friend. Give your friend one can while you take the other. Distance yourselves and speak into one can while your friend holds the other can up to his or her ear. Take turns speaking and listening. 

DIY tin can walkie-talkies

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