Bravery Is A Resource: Teaching Traits

By Melanie Gasmen-Fleck
Did you know that each issue of Bravery focuses not only on a brave woman but also on a trait that they embodied? Below is a summary of the personal traits highlighted in each issue and where you can find tips and tricks on
fostering that trait in your child. 
Jane was patient. Her ability to sit and observe is what enabled her to make amazing discoveries. Check out page 61 in issue one for some tips on helping your kids (and you!) practice patience.
Illustration by Brooke Smart
Mae was curious. As a child, she was afraid of the dark, but because of her curiosity, she pushed through her fears and went on to do amazing things. Take a look at page 11 in issue two to create a conversation about fears and how we can use curiosity to move past them.
Illustration by Maggie Cole
Frida was resilient. She had inner strength despite her setbacks and limitations. Turn to page 13 in issue three for tips on how to raise resilient kids.
Illustration by Alice Lindstrom
Temple was persistent. Her willingness to keep trying and never give up is what brought her success. For an activity that might take a little persistence, try the DIY on page 41 in issue four.
Illustration by Adelina Lirius
Bessie and Amelia were adventurous. They dared to do things that had never been done before, unsure of what the results would be. Help your little one have an adventure by trying the exercise on page 17 (Amelia side) of issue five.
Illustrations by Holley Jolley
Junko was tenacious. She never let go of her dream to climb big mountains, even when it was difficult or people told her she couldn't. Get outdoors with your kids using the tips on page 60 in issue six.
Illustration by Abbey Lossing
Julia was optimistic. She kept a positive attitude and smile on her face even when she made mistakes. Help your kids look for the positive using the exercise on page 53 in issue seven.
Illustration by Emma Tripolone
Zaha was innovative. She thought outside of the box, then turned those ideas into amazing buildings. What can your kids create by being innovative? Find out using the activity on page 14 of issue eight.
Illustration by Amélie Fontaine
Mary worked hard. She knew how to push herself physically and mentally in order to learn new things. Turn to page 12 in issue nine to read about some of the challenges she faced during her time.
Illustration by Kelsey Buzzell