Why Boys Need Female Role Models, Too!

boys reading bravery magazine

Bravery believes anyone can reach their dreams using imagination, curiosity, and courage—no matter their gender! We especially want to nurture this concept in boys, who are more likely than girls to believe harmful gender stereotypes, based on research from Slate. (This cartoon by artist Damian Alexander also expertly illustrates this.) 

“Whether you're a boy in Baltimore or a girl in Blantyre, Malawi, you'll likely receive the same stereotype-reinforcing messages, and they all boil down to the age-old adage that girls are weak and boys are tough,” Belinda Lanks of Johns Hopkins Health Review wrote.

Also, according to a Johns Hopkins University study, kids start to shape harmful gender beliefs at age 10, influenced by their classmates, families, toys, and what’s currently portrayed in books and on TV. 

So, what can parents and caregivers do to inspire equality? Continue recognizing resilient women with your kids. A Harvard University study shared that the more exposure boys have to successful women early on, the more they see women as leaders, and the closer our world gets to ultimately closing the gender gap. 

To help level the playing field, Bravery introduces strong female leaders to both girls and boys at a young age. We share the stories of accomplished, unconventional, and diverse women from different fields who worked hard for their success. Through illustrated reads and fun activities, each issue encourages kids to end gender stereotypes, and instead, see each other as equals.