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  • Why Boys Need Female Role Models, Too!

    Girls need female role models to inspire them—but how about boys? Here’s why it’s just as important for boys to learn about strong women.
  • Free Coloring Page Download

    While your kid may not be eating all their fruits and veggies yet, maybe coloring them can be the first step?
  • ChopChop Guest Post

    We're excited to feature a guest post from our friends over at ChopChop. As a nod to our latest issue featuring Julia Child, they'll be walking us through how to make a sweet galette!
  • Make Your Own Stress Ball

    Learn about non-Newtonian fluids in this squishy, hands-on experiment.
  • Make Your Own Mini Book

    Make your own mini book (from one sheet of paper!) then write or draw a story using one of our prompts.
  • A Free Father's Day Printable

    Father's day is right around the corner! (You didn't forget, right? Us either...) Either way, we've got you covered. Download and print this fun F...
  • Homemade Bread and Raspberry Butter

    There's nothing quite like fresh bread hot from the oven—except when you add butter! Kick it up a notch with this simple raspberry butter that even the littlest hands can help make. 
  • Kid-friendly Kitchen Chemistry

    It's no secret that baking and science go hand-in-hand. With this fun experiment, you'll learn how a simple fungi like yeast can really rise to the occasion.