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Issue one | Jane Goodall
Issue one | Jane Goodall
Issue one | Jane Goodall

Issue one | Jane Goodall

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Redesigned with a NEW trait section!

Our most popular issue is back, redesigned, and better than ever! Swing with chimps and explore the rainforest with primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall. This issue teaches kids about Jane's life, chimpanzees, conservation, and how to be patient like Jane through colorfully illustrated stories and engaging educational activities.

About Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is a scientist who studies chimpanzees and teaches about conservation. Her groundbreaking discoveries helped people understand the connection between humans and primates.

  • Filled with conservation activities & primate fun for the whole family 
  • Features the work of over 10 talented artists, writers, & photographers, including an illustrated cover by Rebecca Green
  • Encourages kids to care about the Earth and their role in it. 
  • Soft-touch matte cover, 64 full-color pages; 8.5’’ x 10.5’’ (portrait)

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