How does a recurring subscription to Bravery work?

As soon as you subscribe, we send you the latest issue of Bravery. You will receive all future issues for the recurring quarterly price of $18 (we produce 4 issues per year). You can manage your subscription, update your billing and shipping info, and cancel at any time, no strings attached. 

What does a recurring subscription include?

A recurring subscription to Bravery includes a magazine, a corresponding patch, a collector card, a digital PDF of all the issue's activities sent to your inbox, and free shipping to US residents—a $30 value! 

What should I do if the patch is missing from my recurring subscription? 

First, check in the front inside cover of your magazine. We now affix subscription patches to the inside cover with a little glue dot. If your patch isn't there, please contact customer service at hello@braverymag.com and we will assist you with the replacement. 

Can I subscribe to Bravery if I live outside of the U.S.?

Yes! We are finally able to provide recurring subscriptions to our international customers! Subscribe now for $18 (once per quarter billing). 



Does Bravery ship Internationally?

Yes! We now offer international shipping on all Bravery products, including recurring subscriptions! Gift subscriptions are the only product not available for worldwide shipping. 

Does Bravery pay duties and fees for items shipped outside the U.S.?

No. The customer is responsible for all duties and fees when items are shipped internationally.

All About Bravery Magazine

What age is the magazine created for?

We have designed Bravery with girls and boys ages 6-12 in mind, but there’s something for every age in Bravery

Is Bravery just for girls?

Nope! We specifically designed Bravery Mag with girls AND boys in mind. We feel like it is important for all kids to learn from the lives and experiences of real, brave women.

Why doesn’t Bravery feature men too?

We believe that men and women together can accomplish great things, but what inspired us to start Bravery was the lack of strong female role models and their stories in mainstream society. We want Bravery Magazine to be the place to share the stories of real, brave women.

What will I find inside the magazine?

Bravery Magazine is full of illustrated stories, fun DIYs, and educational activities that all teach about the featured woman and the many facets of her life, as well as a trait section that teaches life skills. We handpick artists to create original art and content for us so that each issue of Bravery is unique, beautiful, and empowering. To see a flip through of our first issue, click here.


Why is this only a print magazine? Will you ever have a digital version?

In a very digital age, we felt that it was important that we give our children something tangible—something they could hold and read, feel, and touch. We love that our magazine will give them something to do that doesn’t involve a screen. We have recently made all activity pages available in digital format! Become a subscriber to receive a digital downloads of each new issue's activity pages or check out our new companion guides—curricula that includes unit study guides, extra resources, and digital versions of all the back issues' activity pages. 

How do we order?

Click here to subscribe for $18 per quarter or purchase Bravery merchandise.

Companion Guides

What is a companion guide?

companion guide is a curriculum that works hand-in-hand with issues of Bravery. It includes extra resources like links to coordinating, educational YouTube content, podcasts, books, and more. The guide also includes all of the activity pages from the corresponding magazine!

What is considered an activity page?

An activity page is anything from the magazine that requires coloring, writing, drawing, or other similar types of interaction. With digital copies of these pages, your magazine will live longer. Print off as many copies as you like for multiple kids to do over and over again—no more arguing over who gets to do the activities! 

Submissions, Collaborations, and Features

Do you feature products or books in your magazine?

Currently we don’t feature other products or books in our magazine. If you think something aligns with Bravery and our mission, please don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@braverymag.com. We love highlighting great books or products on our social media.

Are there any ads in Bravery?

We take pride in the fact that there are no ads in Bravery, and we hope to keep it that way. We do have space available for sponsors for each issue. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring Bravery, please email us at hello@braverymag.com.

I know a brave kid. How do I submit their story for review?

Great! We love to highlight and feature brave kids on our social media and inside the magazine. If you know a brave kid in ways big and small, please email us at hello@braverymag.com.

Do you do collaborations or giveaways?

Yes! We are pretty selective when it comes to collaborations. We look for companies that closely align with our mission and brand. If you think your company could be a great fit with Bravery, send us an email! hello@braverymag.com.

How do you choose artists, writers, and photographers for each issue? 

Each issue of Bravery has a specific style, and we choose artists based on the look and style of the issue. We find artists through many different avenues—agencies, social media, word of mouth, etc. All of the artists we collaborate with are compensated according to industry standards and credited whenever possible. We are always looking for new creatives to collaborate with (US and internationally!). If you think your work would be a good fit for Bravery Magazine, please send us a an email to hello@braverymag.com  with your portfolio and/or links to your work or resume. We are always reviewing artist portfolios for possible future collaborations. We often open up pitch opportunities. You can find the most current opportunities on our submissions page here. 

Do you accept art or written submissions?

For current and future art and essay pitch opportunities, see our submissions page, and keep an eye on our Instagram, where we regularly announce opportunities to submit pitch ideas for future issues.